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Important Instructions!

For payment, you will need a valid Duke 7-9 digit cost center/fund code
or a valid credit card to complete an order using this site.
Please combine orders for greatest savings and to minimize processing costs.

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Welcome to the Duke University and Duke Medicine
website for on-line ordering of stationery and business cards.  

To navigate from one entity gallery to another, ie., Duke Health to Duke Health forms, you must
close your web browser entirely (all open windows) and open again in order to clear your web trail.

1. Browse through the list of galleries and click on your department to see available products and to place an order.
2. You will need to provide your cost center (fund code) or WBS element and company code.
3. If your department is not listed as one of the galleries on this site, simply fax a sample of your materials to 361-5810 with your contact information.

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business cards and stationery
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